Welcome to www.TimerAl.ca

TimerAl provides race timing and scoring for many small races in Ontario.

  • has a live results system and email/text notification for many different types of events,
  • official timer for the Ontario Cup Cross Country mountain bike race series, organized by SuperFly Racing
  • provides accurate times, and can give results to one one thousandths of a second,
  • posts start lists for downhill races, latest start list, if a good internet connection can be established at the race site,
  • has experience RFID readers, antennae, disposable timing chips, even came up with a few crazy ideas such as the Airplus,
  • provides series standings for Ontario Cup XC, for the Ontario Cycling Association, and have for other series, such as the Opus Epic 8 Hour mountain bike relay races, downhill, and cyclocross,
  • provides timing for National Cross Country Mountain Bike Championships, (bilingual) brought to you by Pulse Racing, as well as SuperFly Racing,
  • provides timing for North America's largest 24 Hour Mountain Bike relay race organized by Chico Racing,
  • formats results for internet viewing, using cascading style sheets to blend into the organizer's web site,
  • can add sponsors and logos to results,
  • started timing service in 1993, and has Ontario mountain bike results going back to 1990,
  • Generate start list, call up lists, announcer sheets, sign on sheets,
  • Displays live results on site, for participants as well as announcers,


Races supported
Cross CountryMultiple laps with many different mass start groups finishing near the same place as they started after a completing several laps,
RelayMultiple laps by various team mates, solo only display (in transition zone), live last lap time, and current standings screens, enhanced chico racing pro timing system with rfid readers available, and live results on the internet,
DownhillRacers start individually at every 30 seconds, or minute and finish, providing seeded start lists,
Point to PointMass start races, that finish at a significantly different location than they started,
Stage RacesCross country races over multiple days/venues
Time TrialsIndividual start times,
Running RacesSmall running races
CyclocrossShort cycling races in Fall, using road bikes on mostly off road locations, with short courses and many laps,
Enduro DHRaces with timed sections of a larger loop. Also able to time runs on two different courses at the same time, as long as the start and finish are close to each other,
Enduro XCLong point to point xc races, or very long single lap cross country races,
Alpine SkiingProvides a live scrolling results observer software to drive two large outdoor displays at the same time,